How’s Your Relationship With Your Finances?

How healthy is your relationship with money?

Lincoln Park Therapy Group Founder Nicolle Osequeda is featured in this FastCompany article exploring three specific times when you and your finances should go to therapy.

These Are 3 Times When You Need a Financial Therapist addresses an important aspect of self-development – our relationship with money. Most of the time when people think of going to therapy, they think about working on things like self-esteem, communication skills, or unhealthy relationship patterns. They don’t normally think about going to therapy to address their unhealthy relationship patterns with money, even though it can have a significant impact on your life.

The article draws a connection between mental health and financial health, citing a 2018 study reporting that 44% of respondents identify finances as their biggest stressor (even bigger than relationships or work!). The article also introduces something called financial therapy and identifies 3 specific times a person should seek therapy specifically for financial struggles:

  • To better understand your “money story” and how it impacts your relationship with your finances.
  • To explore any money beliefs you might have that are holding you back.
  • To gain insight into how your money issues might be causing issues in your interpersonal relationships.

Nicolle, who is a certified financial therapist, offers several tips in the article on how you can use financial therapy to improve your relationship with money and create greater peace of mind overall.

To read the full article, These Are 3 Times When You Need a Financial Therapist, click here.

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