How to Keep the Financial Peace With Your Partner

What do you do when you and your partner don’t see eye to eye on money matters?

Lincoln Park Therapy Group Founder Nicolle Osequeda is featured in this Northwestern Mutual article exploring the touchy topic of finances in relationships and how two people with opposing financial priorities can learn to see eye to eye… or at least learn to compromise a bit!

What to Do When You and Your Partner Are Money Opposites speaks frankly about common dynamics that play out between partners when their money mindsets differ significantly. It explores the reasons two people might be in opposition about finances and even shares some validating data (hint: one study shows that 20% of Americans report having financial disagreements with their partners at least once a month… so if that’s your experience, you’re not alone!).

This article addresses things like learned behaviors and family-of-origin experiences that might be influencing your spending (or lack of) in adulthood, and offers some valuable tips for partners to find common ground when it comes to money matters. We especially appreciate that the article speaks to things like having empathy, addressing power struggles, and holding differing beliefs about money, which are all things that show up in the therapy room when couples come in together.

To read the full article, What to Do When You and Your Partner Are Money Opposites, click here.

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