New (Non-Romantic) Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Hating the idea of Valentine’s Day? Check out these ideas to make it more meaningful…
Hate Valentine’s Day? You’re not alone… A lot of people resent the day and consider it a made up “Hallmark” holiday. But there’s good news. Lincoln Park Therapy Group Founder Nicolle Osequeda recently wrote an article for the Chicago Athletic Clubs that focused on the idea of “repurposing” Valentine’s Day.

Surviving Valentine’s Day No Matter Your Relationship Status encourages readers to expand the meaning of Valentine’s Day beyond just romantic relationships. In the article, Nicolle talks about the importance of acknowledging all meaningful relationships in our lives and highlights some key relationships you might want to honor this Valentine’s Day, like neighbors, co-workers, and your parents!
Some tips she suggests include:

  • Celebrating “Gal-entine’s” day with your girlfriends
  • Surprising your co-workers with Valentine’s Day goody bags (just like you did in elementary school)
  • Giving a thoughtful gift of thanks to a neighbor who has helped you in the past
  • Using Valentine’s Day to honor all of the love your parents have shown you through the year
  • Remembering to dish out some TLC to yourself and do a few extra special things you love that day

To read the full Chicago Athletic Club article, Surviving Valentine’s Day No Matter Your Relationship Status, click here.


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