15 Signs Of A Quarter Life Crisis

Ah, your mid-twenties. What was once a settled period of contentment for many people has become a tumultuous time of confusing uncertainty for today’s young adults, many of whom feel stuck in permanent adolescence.

Single with no chance of settling down anytime soon? Miles away from ever being able to get a foot on the property ladder? No idea where your life is going? Welcome! You are in the prime position for a quarter life crisis. But what are the signs of a quarter life cisis?

You could be in the midst of one right now and not even know it. Here are the 15 signs you’re having a quarter-life crisis:

1. You’re starting to question what your purpose in life is. WHY DID YOU PUT ME ON THIS EARTH, GOD? WHAT IS THE POINT OF MY EXISTENCE? (In a less morbid way than it sounds.)

2. You’re frustrated at not being able to figure out the answers to the above.

3. You’re terrified by the thought that your best years may be behind you and you still feel like you haven’t done anything with your life. Remember being 15 and thinking about how at 25 you’d have your life together and be smashing it? Good joke (cry). To read more from RACHEL HOSIE, click here.


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