What If Your Plan B Is Really Your Perfect Partner?

What does it mean when you have a relationship back-up plan?

Lincoln Park Therapy Group Founder Nicolle Osequeda is featured in this Bustle article exploring an interesting dynamic in today’s relationships – the act (or art) of having a back-up relationship plan.

7 Signs Your Backup Partner Is Actually “The One” explores the reasons why some people might feel more comfortable having a Plan B when they’re already in a relationship. It discusses the obvious reasons people might choose to do this – like wanting to have a “cushion” or a buffer if the first relationship ends. But it also talks about some underlying reasons that might lead someone to have another person waiting on the side, including things like fearing intimacy or being ambivalent about the first partner.

Nicolle shares her perspective on the dynamic in the article, and notes that having a back-up relationship plan “will likely prevent you from having a truly close and connected relationship with your current partner.”

The article also explores how you can tell if your Plan B – your relationship back-up plan – might actually be a better fit for you than your current partner. According to the article, if you’re experiencing any of these 7 signs, that you might want to re-examine your Plan B person:

  • You can be your true authentic self around them.
  • You have a solid friendship.
  • You trust them completely.
  • You’re compatible.
  • You have a genuine connection.
  • They encourage you to be your best self.

To read the full article, 7 Signs Your Backup Partner Is Actually “The One”, click here.

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