Have You Ever Thought About Tarot Cards During Therapy?

Can therapy work and energy/healing/metaphysical healing ever co-exist? You might be surprised…

Lincoln Park Therapy Group Founder Nicolle Osequeda is featured in this New York Times article highlighting an interesting new phenomenon occurring in the therapy room. Now Therapists Have to Figure Out Astrology, Tarot and Psychedelics explores the unique dynamic of incorporating alternative treatments and metaphysical paradigms in the more traditional therapeutic setting.

In this article, therapists from across the US discuss their personal beliefs about this phenomenon and whether or not they feel it has value to the therapeutic process. Nicolle shares her perspective on this topic, stating that some of her clients have sought guidance from mediums, intuitive healers, and reiki practitioners. According to Nicolle, she doesn’t “find them to be competing things” and “support any safe methods that her clients find helpful.”

Most practitioners quoted in the article agree with Nicolle that these non-traditional practices can be helpful in a client’s healing process. However, the article also shares some cautionary tales, and mentions a few important things, including:

  • some alternative interventions have more scientific support than others – the article specifically compares meditation (which has a lot of scientific backing) to crystals (which has significantly less).
  • alternative healing can’t always be a substitute for therapy
  • some alternative healing treatments can actually be triggering

Despite these warnings, the consensus of therapy professionals seems to be that… yes, of course therapy and alternative treatments can co-exist together. At Lincoln Park Therapy Group, we agree and want clients to know that if any kind of alternative/energy/metaphysical healing is important to you, then it’s important to us when we’re working with you. You should always feel comfortable bringing these alternative principles into the room when you’re working with us.

To read the full article, Now Therapists Have to Figure Out Astrology, Tarot and Psychedelics, click here.



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