Thinking About Next Year Yet?

Is it too soon to think about next year’s goals?

Lincoln Park Therapy Group Founder Nicolle Osequeda recently wrote an article for the Chicago Athletic Clubs that focused on the benefits of early planning for goals. In the article (published in November), Nicolle asked the question, “Is is too soon to think about goals for 2020?” And as you might have guessed, the answer to that question is a resounding “No way!”

The article, titled Is It Too Soon To Think About 2020 Goals? No Way! offers a simple breakdown of the pros to planning for next year’s goals this year – mainly, it increases your motivation, helps you fight holiday stress, and offers a structured way for you to practice your commitment to your own personal values (something we focus on a lot here at Lincoln Park Therapy Group).

In addition to exploring the benefits of planning ahead, the article also offers some helpful tips to keep yourself on track throughout the holiday season. It specifically mentions a few important tactics, including:

  • just do something
  • plan ahead
  • learn to say no
  • create an action plan by using SMART goals

To read the full Chicago Athletic Club article, Is It Too Soon To Think About 2020 Goals? No Way!, click here.



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