Tips to Start Your Morning Right

Want to get your day started on the right foot?

Do you ever have those days when you hit snooze on your alarms five times and before you know it, it’s 8:50 and work starts at 9:00? You jolt out of bed, throw on the first clothes you see, and run to the car to find yourself already struggling and your day has only been minutes long. Were those extra 30 minutes of sleep really worth it?

The Benefits of a Good Morning

Starting your morning off right has numerous mental and physical health benefits that can help you to be in the right mindset to conquer your day. For one, research shows that our cortisol levels are highest in the morning, providing us with an extra boost of energy. This extra dose of energy can help you increase your focus and get things done efficiently in the morning.

Second, developing a morning routine can actually help regulate your sleep cycles – a regulated sleep cycle can help you get a better night sleep and prepare yourself for the upcoming day. Believe it or not, if we can learn to take advantage of our mornings, we can create long lasting effects throughout our day and even into the night.

Third (and most important in my opinion), routines have the power to help reduce feelings of anxiety, depression, mood fluctuations, and unpredictable events. When you know what to expect from the day, you are better able to manage feelings of low motivation and generate momentum to power yourself through the day.

Ways to Build a Morning Routine

There are various activities that you can add to your morning routine that can set you up for success.

Exercise can be a key part of your morning routine to help you get your day started right. Research shows that productivity and creativity peaks for two hours following exercise. And, those who engage in morning physical activity report lower levels of stress throughout the work day.

Taking time in the morning to be present and mindful can also help you set yourself up for a successful day. Setting goals or using positive mantras in the morning can create more intentional living and allow you to feel a sense of purpose each day. Yoga and meditation can help center your mind and mentally prepare you for upcoming challenges.

Quiet Time
It’s tempting to rush out of bed and run straight to your computer (or even check your email from your phone while you’re still in bed!). But creating a routine that allows for some quiet time in the morning can help you jump start your day feeling calm and grounded. Try reading a book or the newspaper to begin to power your brain power and develop logical thinking skills and curiosity.

Each person’s morning routine may vary depending on lifestyle, personality and interests so it’s important that you find one that works for you! Need more ideas? Take a look at morning routines of extremely successful people.

If you notice that you’re struggling more than normal in the mornings, or that your daily motivation is lower than usual, it may be helpful to consult with a therapist. You can schedule a time to meet with one of the therapists at Lincoln Park Therapy Group here! We’d love to meet you.

Written by: Amanda Schmitt, Ed.S Therapist at Lincoln Park Therapy Group

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