When Friendships & Money Issues Collide

Ever had money issues and a friendship collide?

If you’re like the rest of us, your answer is probably yes. Lincoln Park Therapy Group Founder Nicolle Osequeda is featured in this article on The Cut that focuses on money issues and the challenging dynamics that come up when friends aren’t on the same page financially. 

A Guide to Non-Awkwardly Dealing With Money Differences Between Friends explores the ins and outs of handling money issues (and the potential for conflict) that can occur between friends when financial circumstances differ. It discusses some interesting statistics – like the stress friendships can endure when one person’s financial circumstances change – and offers some helpful tips to navigate the bumpy road that can develop between friends.

The article also shines a light on the internal conflict people feel when they experience competing priorities, like wanting to save money and also wanting to have a fun and engaging social life. Some helpful tips included in the article are be the right amount of candid, don’t assume you know best, and find neutral ground.

This article is especially relevant for millennials, new college grads, and people experiencing a Quarter Life Crisis – all circumstances that can bring about financial strain. It’s also relevant for anyone who is experiencing a major life transition, like losing a job, a recent divorce or break-up, or moving to a new city.

To read the full Guide to Non-Awkwardly Dealing With Money Differences Between Friends, click here.

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