How to Navigate a Quarter-Life Crisis During a One-in-a-Lifetime Pandemic

Living through an international pandemic isn’t easy. Going through a Quarter-Life Crisis at the same time doesn’t help…

Lincoln Park Therapy Group Therapist Caitlin Arthur is featured in this Refinery 29 article talking about the challenges of navigating a quarter-life crisis (those challenging times in your mid-twenties when you just can’t quite seem to be the person you want to be) and how they are even more prominent during the pandemic (even if you’re passed that ‘quarter-life’ stage). Is 25 The Worst Age To Be During The Pandemic? A Very Serious Investigation highlights some of the existential crises one faces during a quarter-life crisis and draws connections to similar struggles people of all ages faced during the pandemic.

As Caitlin said in the article, your mid-twenties are ripe with uncertainty and self-doubt and provide the perfect storm to question everything – your career, your relationships, your future, and your past… all of which are eerily similar to the topics of introspection and self-inquiry people at all stages of life have engaged in over the past 15 months.

Whether you’re at the quarter-life stage of development or far passed it, Caitlin shared some helpful tips to navigate these challenging life questions and work through this period of insecurity and uncertainty:

  • See a therapist
  • Limit social media
  • Don’t compare your reality to someone else’s highlight reel
  • Take inventory of your accomplishments
  • Reach out to peers who may be going through a similar experience

To read the full article, Is 25 The Worst Age To Be During The Pandemic? A Very Serious Investigation, click here.

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