Helpful Tips When You Get Engaged

Getting engaged is the happiest time of your life…

Or at least, that’s what we often believe. That’s not always 100% true though. While it is an exciting time preparing to marry the love of your life, it can also bring an incredible amount of stress and even anxiety. Everything from planning the wedding to making life-long decisions with your partner might cause some conflict in the relationship wants to bring a better sense of reality to this special time in your life, so they’ve curated some helpful resources for couples when they’re thinking about taking the big step toward marriage. This article , which includes a recommendation from Lincoln Park Therapy Group Founder Nicolle Osequeda, dishes on 6 different books that can help you and your partner get ready for this big step. The list covers a wide variety of engagement-related topics – some are directly related to your relationship (like The 5 Love Languages) and some are more focused on engagement-specific topics (like How to Buy An Engagement Ring). Nicolle recommends a book called Loving Bravely: 20 Lessons of Self-Discovery to Help You Get the Love You Want, which is a great resource whether you’re in a relationship or not!

To read the full article, 6 Books To Read Before Getting Engaged (or Married), click here.

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