24 Simple Ways to Help Your Relationship Survive the Pandemic This Winter

Are you struggling to cope while being cooped up with your loved ones during a pandemic winter?

Lincoln Park Therapy Group Founder Nicolle Osequeda is featured in this article for The Active Times sharing some simple ways to deal with the challenges of spending extended time at home with loved ones during the pandemic this winter. The cold Chicago weather can make it challenging to set boundaries during a normal year – it’s only harder now that we have the pandemic to cope with as well.

In COVID and Mental Health: Therapists’ Tips to Create Healthy Boundaries at Home, Nicolle and other mental health experts discuss the difficulties people are facing this winter during this unprecedented time and offer some helpful advice to preserve your relationships over the next few months. In the article, Nicolle and others recommend the following tips:

  1. understand struggles are normal right now
  2. take care of yourself first
  3. adjust your self-care to the indoors
  4. do some self-exploration
  5. talk it out
  6. collaborate with each other
  7. ask for alone time
  8. don’t judge others for how they spend their downtime
  9. find space wherever you can
  10. create separation in other ways
  11. alter your environment
  12. get outside
  13. establish norms around work and personal time
  14. decide on rules for shared spaces
  15. be clear about safety expectations
  16. share concerns regarding coronavirus safety
  17. get to the root of your safety frustrations
  18. practice generous assumptions
  19. find time to touch base with each other
  20. cool down before confrontation
  21. discuss what kind of accountability you want
  22. clarify a hierarchy
  23. don’t put pressure on yourself to be someone’s sole support system
  24. talk to a therapist

To read the full article, COVID and Mental Health: Therapists’ Tips to Create Healthy Boundaries at Home, click here.

At Lincoln Park Therapy Group, we understand how challenging these next few months will be, especially due to COVID. If you find yourself struggling more than usual, or if you think you need some extra support to help your relationship, it might be helpful to talk to someone about it. Schedule a time to come in and talk with one of our therapists – we’d love to meet you.


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