How Self-Compassion Can Help You Heal Your Inner Critic

We all talk to ourselves continuously.

Most of this “self-talk” isn’t even in our consciousness, but it impacts our feelings, thoughts, and actions; it reflect what we believe about ourselves. In this post, guest writer Dr. Mari Kovanen explains how you can use self-compassion to change your negative self-talk, heal your inner critic, and ultimately create a pathway to a healthier self-image and stronger relationships.

What is your inner critic saying?

“I’m too fat. I’m too tall. I’m not intelligent enough. I’m too serious. I’m not earning enough money.” And the list goes on…

What are the messages that you tell yourself on a daily basis?

These types of self-critical statements can be detrimental to your well-being. They put you down and make you feel small, like you’re not even good enough to exist. They are likely to contribute to anxiety and depression or perhaps they cause you to behave in ways that you later regret.

This post is about healing your inner critic with self-compassion, understanding self-compassion, what it is and what it isn’t, and how self-compassion can start to change your relationship with yourself. To read more from Dr. Mari Kovanen click here.


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